About Us

Ucadia is a complex model and set of systems built over more than three decades, founded upon a simple principle: “How do we finally solve the global, regional and local issues facing our planet and all life on Earth?” As simple as the question is, the journey uncovered key elements that explain why the world remains the way it is?, why so much is getting worse? And why, despite the best intentions of so many it appears nothing seriously changes?

The issue is not bad people, it is bad ideas

There is an old saying: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. This is certainly true when it comes to trying to solve the problems of the world. So many ideas, models and systems that have been promoted as the “answer” have often only made matters worse. The issue is not necessarily bad people, but very bad ideas that continue to hurt and damage our environment, communities, health and well-being.

A solid foundation for sustainable positive change

Ucadia is and has always been about discovering, understanding and connecting the very best ideas together in a solid foundation, regardless of historic labels, ideologies and orthodoxies. Binary models (black/white or good/bad) that classify ideas according to conservative or democratic, or progressive or orthodox are often themselves part of the problem.

Ucadia is about how we can work together, without uncontrolled ego, or personal attacks and negativity: How we find common purpose and well being, without being forced into “group think” or dangerous social systems of conformity (the basis of most totalitarian and slave systems); and how we protect and encourage individual freedom and thought, without creating radicalism. This is what has taken years to resolve within the model and systems of Ucadia. If you take the time to read and review the elements of Ucadia for yourself, then you will see the truth to these words.

Ucadia gets the Issues


Ucadia offers real Actions