Our History

The journey to discover not only real answers but the reasons why the world seems so stubborn against sensible and logical change, has taken many decades more than originally thought. Some of the reasons are because of the complexity of human civilisation and cultural history; and some of the reasons have been about how systems of power have been used over decades and centuries to control our collective paths. Now you can reap the benefits of this journey by reading and reviewing for yourself the elements of Ucadia and in participating in Ucadia communities.

Chronology of Events

  • 1989: First ideas and research around Ucadia begun
  • 1998: First Ucadia publication Unique Collective Awareness™
  • 1999: Ucadia.com registered
  • 2004: Ucadia Books formed in Australia
  • 2004: Publications Little Book of Awareness and Logos
  • 2009: Ucadia Online Communities and Content Launched
  • 2016: Ucadia Online Communities and Content Temporarily halted
  • 2018: Ucadia Books Company (US) formed
  • 2018: Ucadia Foundation Trust Formed
  • 2020: Ucadia.com and Ucadia websites relaunched