Our Philosophy

Ucadia is a complex model and set of systems built over more than three decades founded upon a simple principle: “How to we finally solve the global, regional and local issues facing our planet and all life on Earth?” As simple as the question is, the journey uncovered key elements that explain why the world remains the way it is?, why so much is getting worse? And why, despite the best intentions of so many it appears nothing seriously changes?

Nothing will change unless foundations change

If the foundation structures of constitutions, ancient law texts and cultural philosophies are built upon rotten and wicked concepts such as slavery, piracy, control, racism, sexism and even the corruption of the young, how can any lasting positive change be enacted until such foundations are rebuilt?

This is at heart of the discussion more and more people have been willing to undertake, by actively questioning not just our past, but those elements that still form the basis of the foundations for our modern communities. Simply, nothing will change unless the rotten foundations themselves change.

Of course, there is a powerful core of people who do not share the same views concerning the necessity to reform rotten and corrupt foundations. Some argue that the foundations and history of many countries is not rotten or flawed, but rather a failure to appreciate the different context and times that have come and gone on this planet. We disagree. However, it might be argued, slavery is slavery; and racism is racism. It is true that many texts and statues may well deserve historic respect. However, such statues and texts and ideas that still form the foundations of our civil society deserve to be questioned and challenged, even if such dialogue may be painful for some.

Key Ucadia Elements