The Constitution of any state, country or a global body politic is its blueprint and means whereby its members declare their intentions, rights and operation of government. A constitution enshrines its values, defines its organs, the limits of authority and the flow and balancing of power. Therefore, the fairness, wellness and equality of a society is ultimately enabled or constrained by the design and strength of its constitution. A well formed constitution opens the potential for a body politic to thrive and prosper. Yet a poorly designed constitution may doom even the most inspired ideals.

Corrupt and dangerous societies breed evil and sadness. Well constructed societies encourage liberty, peace and happiness. No matter how many good people exist on planet Earth, no matter how many noble acts of kindness are provided, poorly constructed constitutions inevitably lead to poorly constructed societies and to the kind of injustice and evil that has plagued so many non-Ucadian bodies.

The Constitutional Charters of Ucadia are not isolated models. They are part of a larger framework under the Ucadia Model that respects individual human rights and rejects a world of hedonistic nihilism where a few claim to have a natural, genetic or intellectual right to declare themselves effectively “living Gods” over the rest of humanity. Such arrogance and evil has been the hallmark of many failed civilisations. Yet the survival of humanity depends upon making a clear commitment to the comprehensive model of Ucadia and its complete restructure of law, finance, societies and systems.

The Constitutional Charters of Ucadia are a genuine Revelation to provide an optimum position between such extremes in the design of effective constitutions, so that all peoples and all societies may thrive and achieve. These elements focus on the models and mechanisms necessary for the sustainable prosperity of all people living across the planet, not just a few.

New Community Models